At Gateway, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore, discover, and experience different perspectives, both academically and socially. We created our English Immersion Program to satisfy this belief and let students across the world experience a whole new world while maintaining their academic statuses.

Our English Immersion Program promises to give your student the full experience of living in Southern California while simultaneously being able to keep up and excel in their studies. We currently offer a short-term or long-term program that include homestay (see below) initiatives in order to best provide for your student.

Short Term Program
Long Term Program


The English Immersion program allowed me to explore the coasts of Southern California and experience the culture and heart of Los Angeles all while maintaining a top position academically in the competitive schools nearby. Without Gateway, none of this would have been possible!

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If you’re worried about not being able to choose the right school, fear no more! Gateway Academy will do our best to accommodate for your student and make sure they attend an institution that’s the perfect fit for them. We’ll help with schedules, curriculum, and other factors that play into deciding on which school to send your child(ren). Click below to take a look at all the schools in our area!

Nearby Schools

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